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$1 to $4 (Supporter)
1 storyboard request every 6 months with a guaranteed placeholder if accepted.

$5 to $9 (Visually Good)
1 storyboard request every 4 months with a guaranteed placeholder if accepted.

$10+ (Motion Enthusiast)
1 storyboard request every 2 month with a guaranteed placeholder if accepted.


A list of all the people who donated!

  • Riven (Motion Enthusiast)
  • TheSword (Supporter)
  • Xagons (Motion Enthusiast)
  • frozz (Supporter)
  • Elinor (Supporter)
  • Syrte (Motion Enthusiast)
  • Acyl (Motion Enthusiast)
  • Ryuusei Aika (Motion Enthusiast)
  • negusver (Motion Enthusiast)
  • technica (Supporter)
  • Megapcmx (Motion Enthusiast)
  • Kutsa (Visually Good)
  • Sekai (Motion Enthusiast)
  • Kyuukai (Visually Good)
  • Linada (Motion Enthusiast)
  • Matha (Motion Enthusiast)
  • Neilperry (Visually Good)
  • Realazy (Visually Good)
  • zev (Supporter)
  • Jeezyh (Supporter)
  • Jean-Michel Jr (Visually Good)
  • Azzedd (Supporter)
  • Ascendance (Motion Enthusiast)
  • Arche (Visually Good)
  • Alphabet (Motion Enthusiast)
  • Coppertine (Supporter)
  • Necho (Visually Good)

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