Simplified Lyrics script now available!


This is a lyrics script where you will be able to write your lyrics inside the script itself for any of your storyboard projects.

It’s simplified which means:

  • A very short code
  • Separated in multiple functions
  • Easily customizable
  • Writing lyrics is as easy as you could imagine
  • Doesn’t need any external programs to write lyrics (except for Storybrew)
  • Supports any languages (depends on the font used)
  • Fully changeable [Configurables] for global settings
  • And probably more…

Here’s a preview of where you should write the lyrics:

The [Configurables] are self explanatory so you should be able to figure out what each of them do. Otherwise you can always ask for help in our discord server!

Download it here: Google Drive

(Look for the download icon at the top right)

Spectrum Effect with Advanced Options!

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New effect for donators! <3

I can start of by saying that this is my favorite spectrum I use for all of my storyboards! It has some cool options that will make it more spicy, and don’t worry, I already set up the best values for each configurable so you don’t have to find the spiciness on your own!

Some of the advanced configurables are:

  • MotionlessBars: this is for when a bar doesn’t expand in the y axis at all. Not being able to expand is a problem for most spectrums I’ve seen out there but this should be able to fix it! (default value: same as BarCount)
  • yScaleTweening: tweening is basically if the spectrum should expand smoothly or skip some keyframes. When toggled on it will use the value from yScaleSmoothness, otherwise the animation when a sprite expands will be like 5 fps or so, and it will of course be on beat with the song. (default value: True)
  • yScaleSmoothness: as mentioned above, this will decide the “frame rate” of the expand animation in the spectrum. Bigger value equals smoother expand animation. I only recommend to use a value higher than 100 when using BeatDivisor over 4. (default value: 100)
  • MovementEasing: self explanatory name, it decides the easing for when moving the position of the spectrum over time. (default value: None)
  • Width: not really THAT advanced but it decides the width of the spectrum as a whole. This is useful for when you want the spectrum to be the same width as the playfield. (default value: 300)
  • LogScale: recognizable from the stock spectrum effect, it’s a way to decide the overall scale in the y axis for the whole spectrum. (default value: 10)
  • NormalRotation: only rotates each sprite. (default value: True)
  • NormalRandomRotation: same as NormalRotation but it’s randomized. (default value: False)
  • WeirdRotation & WeirdRandomRotation: for you to explore! (default value: False)
  • UseHSLColor: a way to make the spectrum gradient (tool for HSL values here). (default value: False)

And with that it concludes all the advanced options. Any questions are welcome in our discord server.

The download for this is available in the #scripts channel!

New Effect For Donators!

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As of my recent storyboard I made an effect that mirrors any image and perhaps also rotates it.

You can find the script in our Discord server in the #scripts channel.

Thanks for supporting us! <3

Compilation Manager

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Hello! you guy’s want to have cool storyboards for song compilations?
Great! I’ve created a little script that can be used in storybrew to generate song compilations storyboards. It’s made to be easy to use and really fast to configure.
You can also see the wiki page of the github for further informations. Have a nice day! :photoblob:

New scripts


New scripts available provided this time by PoNo for the Donators 🙂

Find them in the #scripts channel and ask for help if you don’t know how to use them!

Cool simple 2.5D rings effect


Posting a cool looking but simple effect that I’m using in my next storyboard. Donators will have acces to the script for this effect in our discord server! – and as always; if you don’t know how to use the script then ask me for help. 🙂

Spiral effect


Posting a quick effect that I used in this storyboard. Donators will have acces to the script for this effect in our discord server! – if you don’t know how to use the script then ask me for help. 🙂

If you are not a donator and want to learn how to make this effect then contact me!