Road of resistance!

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Woosh! I’m happy to announce that my storyboard project on “babymetal – road of resistance” is now complete and ranked!
It was quite a difficult project to create very quickly (only 1 month of work). And creating storyboard for metal maps are really.. complicated.. to me at least :p

I hope you guys will like this simple and clean storyboard 🙂

Spectrum Effect with Advanced Options!

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New effect for donators! <3

I can start of by saying that this is my favorite spectrum I use for all of my storyboards! It has some cool options that will make it more spicy, and don’t worry, I already set up the best values for each configurable so you don’t have to find the spiciness on your own!

Some of the advanced configurables are:

  • MotionlessBars: this is for when a bar doesn’t expand in the y axis at all. Not being able to expand is a problem for most spectrums I’ve seen out there but this should be able to fix it! (default value: same as BarCount)
  • yScaleTweening: tweening is basically if the spectrum should expand smoothly or skip some keyframes. When toggled on it will use the value from yScaleSmoothness, otherwise the animation when a sprite expands will be like 5 fps or so, and it will of course be on beat with the song. (default value: True)
  • yScaleSmoothness: as mentioned above, this will decide the “frame rate” of the expand animation in the spectrum. Bigger value equals smoother expand animation. I only recommend to use a value higher than 100 when using BeatDivisor over 4. (default value: 100)
  • MovementEasing: self explanatory name, it decides the easing for when moving the position of the spectrum over time. (default value: None)
  • Width: not really THAT advanced but it decides the width of the spectrum as a whole. This is useful for when you want the spectrum to be the same width as the playfield. (default value: 300)
  • LogScale: recognizable from the stock spectrum effect, it’s a way to decide the overall scale in the y axis for the whole spectrum. (default value: 10)
  • NormalRotation: only rotates each sprite. (default value: True)
  • NormalRandomRotation: same as NormalRotation but it’s randomized. (default value: False)
  • WeirdRotation & WeirdRandomRotation: for you to explore! (default value: False)
  • UseHSLColor: a way to make the spectrum gradient (tool for HSL values here). (default value: False)

And with that it concludes all the advanced options. Any questions are welcome in our discord server.

The download for this is available in the #scripts channel!

New Effect For Donators!

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As of my recent storyboard I made an effect that mirrors any image and perhaps also rotates it.

You can find the script in our Discord server in the #scripts channel.

Thanks for supporting us! <3

The Giveaway Storyboard Is Almost Ready! (Sneak Peak)


Made a new effect which is the glitchy one that you can see in the video! – soon tm

I will announce the storyboard on my twitter:)

The wait is over!!


Finally the long awaited project gets to meet the beatmap page! (…)

In ProfessionalBox‘s words for best experience while playing:

Please enable the following:
– Custom hitsounds
– Storyboard (with a bg dim of 10-25% for best experience)
– Custom combo colours
– Disable in-game overlay with Shift + Tab

map banner

Go and check it out!!

MCA 2018 Storyboards in VOTING STAGE

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Hey you!

Yes you!… If you haven’t heard already then go to this forum:

Well… Even if you have heard about it then… MCA 2018 is now live with the ability to vote for storyboards! If you haven’t already voted then we highly recommend you to do so. Keep in mind that you can only vote if you have any ranked beatmap/GD/SB in 2018. The voting will be open until Thursday 17th so hurry up and do it before you forget about it! You can always save your votes and complete it later on the voting page, so you don’t need to do it all at once.

Here are some useful links: Voting Form | Available SBs for Voting | Forum Post

Good luck to all the storyboarders that were nominated!

Something is coming up!


So me and PoNo have been working on a big project with ProfessionalBox for a long time now.

I think it’s safe to say that you probably won’t be disappointed on this big project (now I have to be careful not to hype this up by more than it already is…).

ProfessionalBox has already made a tweet about it and the map will be out this week (if things go right), cause it needs to be uploaded with everything ready like hitsounds + sb + map. We can’t wait to see the reaction from people when it gets submitted!

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New storyboard out


I finished yet another storyboard for – Matha – but this time it’s more simple.

It features: lyrics, bg effects, particles (and maybe more)

Check it out here: