A Labour of Love (big osu! community contest)


Hey mappers and storyboarders!

A new contest has begun, it connects musicians/mappers and storyboarders to create a great project! The goal of it is to produce a remix of the song Kuba Oms – My Love and map/storyboard it to create a unique and fun experience!

This contest innovates in a pretty cool way in my opinion, teams are public and you can showcase work in progress stuff freely.

There is a lot to say about this contest, better check it out yourself! 🙂 https://osu.ppy.sh/home/news/2020-11-30-a-labour-of-love

Good luck!!

osb!syntax VS code Extension (1.0.0)

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Hello Storyboarders! Maybe some of you are using a lot the .osb files to create your best storyboards, which sometimes can be kinda annoying to work with… So I decided to create a small VS code Extension that help you writing Storyboards events and also grants a syntax coloration for important elements! I’m gonna try to improve that tool as much as I can including vsc functions to generate more complete OSB code in the next versions. If you guys are interested, check it out!

Of course if you have any questions concerning the project, don’t hesitate to ask! 🙂

Tiny collab & compilation storyboard

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Hello everyone!
It’s been a while since my last post on the website, I’ve been not active a lot this year but I still do some little projects.

VAL – ICDD song compilation
Acylica – Kimi no Aizu to Inryoku Feryquitous feat. Meramipop x nayuta
Sinhay – Craft and the Creator Aether Realm (Storyboard not uploaded, coming soon!)

Also, I announce that I’ll probably not come back with a big project anymore, I’m sadly less active each day in the osu! community.. I’ll continue to make little projects when I am motivated by the song, if you have any project in mind, don’t hesitate to tell me about it, who knows 🙂

New Storyboard: Various Artists – Summer Soundtrack


This project started a few months before the summer break this year, all parts are finally mapped, the storyboard seems to be done, but the last thing that needs to be finished is the hitsounding. The goal and idea for this project was to give players the feeling of ‘nostalgia’ and I hope it’s expressed in the song choices, bpm and visuals.

Go and check out the map! 🙂
Link: https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/1259657#osu/2618611


New storyboard video is out!


I finally got around to upload a video of the Feryquitous project that got ranked 2 months ago. Please check it out!

As of the second giveaway that was held not quite long ago; the effects will be a bit delayed since we have been very out of phase with storyboarding 🙁

More updates about it will be delivered, some new interesting things might be happening soon!


osu! storyboarding video series Survey

The osu! storyboarding video series is expected to be kickstarted sooner or later.

Please fill this form if you are interested in learning storyboarding!


1000 Twitter followers Giveaway

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My last giveaway was when I reached 400 followers on Twitter, but this one is for reaching over 1k followers. I want to show my gratitude to everyone who is following me and PoNo.

Hopefully this giveaway will be useful for you and others who got some ideas for storyboard effects you always wanted to use or see in a storyboard! We also hope that this will motivate you to try and get into storyboarding. You can use this opportunity to request a personal effect for your own storyboard!


Follow the links below and read the instructions in order to to participate:


Thanks for the support! + Updates



We just want to thank everyone for the support, and we even managed to reach over 20 donators already, which is quite a lot from what we expected!

The “members area” is still being worked on but with very slow progress… but don’t worry, the summer break is finally here which means that we can finally try to finish it! As for the storyboard requests; yeah.. we have been closed for a long time now. We still need to finish some more before we are opening and accepting new requests. Again, thanks to the summer break, we will have more time to focus on the storyboarding and the website.

-Tochi is going to visit his family for some time at the start of the summer break, but he will try to work on the “members area” over there. After that, he will be back on track to finish some storyboards and stuff. PoNo will be busy at the start of the summer break too, but he will work on his pending projects and might even finish them sooner than later. We will try to create more scripts and upload more sprites for you to use, so keep an eye on our posts!

We hope that the members area will expand the use of our website so it’s not just for blog posts and storyboards. If you have any suggestions or ideas then feel free to contact us in our discord server, otherwise you can always comment under this post. 🙂

That’s it for now! Remember to stay hydrated cause the heat is gonna take over soon!


Feryquitous Songs Compilation project now [Qualified]

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Feryquitous – (S).0ngs//—::compilation.[TQR-f3] Has finally entered the qualified section!!

This project has really been a great journey and hopefully you will feel the same after playing the map 🙂

Feryquitous – Songs Compilation




This is the storyboard project I’ve been working on for 6+ months. Thanks to everyone who helped me make this possible!

  • Enable storyboard & set bg dim to 0-40%
  • Disable ingame interfaces by doing Shift+Tab
  • NoFail recommended on first play