A Labour of Love (big osu! community contest)


Hey mappers and storyboarders!

A new contest has begun, it connects musicians/mappers and storyboarders to create a great project! The goal of it is to produce a remix of the song Kuba Oms – My Love and map/storyboard it to create a unique and fun experience!

This contest innovates in a pretty cool way in my opinion, teams are public and you can showcase work in progress stuff freely.

There is a lot to say about this contest, better check it out yourself! 🙂 https://osu.ppy.sh/home/news/2020-11-30-a-labour-of-love

Good luck!!

1000 Twitter followers Giveaway

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My last giveaway was when I reached 400 followers on Twitter, but this one is for reaching over 1k followers. I want to show my gratitude to everyone who is following me and PoNo.

Hopefully this giveaway will be useful for you and others who got some ideas for storyboard effects you always wanted to use or see in a storyboard! We also hope that this will motivate you to try and get into storyboarding. You can use this opportunity to request a personal effect for your own storyboard!


Follow the links below and read the instructions in order to to participate:


MCA 2018 Storyboards in VOTING STAGE

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Hey you!

Yes you!… If you haven’t heard already then go to this forum: https://osu.ppy.sh/community/forums/topics/966003

Well… Even if you have heard about it then… MCA 2018 is now live with the ability to vote for storyboards! If you haven’t already voted then we highly recommend you to do so. Keep in mind that you can only vote if you have any ranked beatmap/GD/SB in 2018. The voting will be open until Thursday 17th so hurry up and do it before you forget about it! You can always save your votes and complete it later on the voting page, so you don’t need to do it all at once.

Here are some useful links: Voting Form | Available SBs for Voting | Forum Post

Good luck to all the storyboarders that were nominated!

Storyboarding Contest by the OSB server!

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Hello everyone! So now that the website is basically finished we will now try our best to use it as a blog. Me and PoNo are glad that most of you really like the website, we tried our best to make it comfortable and easy to navigate 🙂

So we have some news for you storyboarders (or those who just started learning) which is this storyboarding contest hosted by Sidetail (also known as BetaStar) and Hokichi. You can read about all the informations if you follow this link https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/897075. Right now it’s in registration phase that will end on Mon. May 20. so hurry up and register! Salute to these guys for trying to make storyboarding a more common thing in the community and giving people a chance to show their skills.

Be sure to join the OSB discord server if you haven’t already, there you can also ask for help or anything related to storyboarding!